J’Something on Food

J’Something recently announced on social media that his dream of opening a restaurant was being finally realised – something he says confirmed that everything that happens in life has a reason.

The singer, whose real name is Joao da Fonseca, says he’s never been this busy before as he’s been involved in every element of the creation of his restaurant, which is aptly named Something’s Cooking.

“I’ve been involved in everything from the design and interior to the brand and menu design. I’m involved down to the cup that we’re going to use to serve an espresso in. Every single dish on the menu is one that I’ve created at home,” J’Something explains.

Opening a restaurant, he says, signifies so much more to him.

The back story

“My father recently passed away, and I really feel this was his way of saying he’ll always be with me,” J’Something says. “I was never close to my father, but this is what he did for a living and also what my mother did for a living.”

He says that he’s continuing a legacy of sorts and has come to believe that everything happens for a reason, in much the same way that MiCasa was always meant to be.

“Sun International, who I’ve partnered with in opening this restaurant, is the reason I’m in South Africa. One of their hotels offered my father a post as head of food and beverage; that’s why we moved to South Africa. So I rocked up in South Africa at seven years old, living in a Sun International hotel.

“Literally two weeks after my father had passed away, without knowing who he was, they called me in and told me they wanted me to have a restaurant at one of their properties – it’s out of this world!” he says.

J’Something adds that while he had a relationship with his father, he never truly connected with him, and that it’s amazing that since his death, he’s “never felt his presence more” in his life.

Balancing act

The local star has always believed in doing what he loves instead of chasing money, so he puts in the effort to make things he’s passionate about into a reality. He’s built a great team around all his business platforms.

“MiCasa has got a machine of a team that operates behind it without us having to do much. So I’m able to balance everything because not everything is resting on my shoulders. But I will be honest: it is challenging and sometimes I worry if I’ll be able to stretch myself this thin. But you know what, I’m 28 years old; this is my time and I don’t have a lot of time – the time is now.”

An investment

He says he invested pretty much everything he has into this project. Without going into figures, he says it’s a worthwhile risk.

“But it’s really not about that for me. It’s not about how many millions I spent on this, but rather the story behind how much I’m going to make in return,” he explains.


Just in case you’re wondering what the ambience of Something’s Cooking will be, J’Something paints what looks like a very homey picture, something memorable and new.

“It’s just social, comfortable. There will be good music and good conversation. I’m really trying to create a home away from home. This is why I’ve been so adamant about making sure that every single recipe comes from my kitchen,” he says.

“A big theme of the restaurant is sharing; I want people to tuck in together in the same way that families do at a Sunday lunch,” he explains.

While it can’t be confirmed yet, the singer says the goal is to open the eatery around 31 March 2017.

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