Deutsche Bank has released its findings from its Mapping the Worldʹs Prices 2018 survey, and having calculated the cost of a pint of beer in major cities around the world, they’ve compiled a list of the most expensive and cheapest destinations to have a “cold one”.

The cheapest pint would be found in Manila at R20,34, followed by Prague at R21,69 and Johannesburg coming in third place, with the price of enjoying a pint in the City of Gold at an average of R29,83. Cape Town also made it onto the list, with the average cost being R35,25.

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On the other end of the spectrum, Dubai, where alcohol is predominately consumed by expats and non-Muslims, topped the list, with beer costing an average of $12 (R162).

The bank rans 50 cities that are relevant to global financial markets, and says: “We consider quality of life, salaries, rents and disposable after-rent income, and our weekend getaway, cheap date and bad habits indices. We then look at the individual series of the prices of goods and services.”

See the list of the cities with the cheapest price of a beer around the world, from highest to lowest in dollars:

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