Journey Organizer will simplify how you log business trips

Whether you are self-employed, an entrepreneur or a corporate employee who incurs travel expenses in the production of your income or if you receive a travel allowance, you may need to record your business travel distances.

This may allow you to claim a tax deduction from South African Revenue Service (Sars), but only if you are in possession of a properly completed logbook of actual business kilometres travelled.

As it may be gratifying to get a refund, as few things are as painful as paying even more tax after a year of tax deductions.

With the innovative new Journey Organiser app, you can protect yourself from paying more tax, and also empower yourself to get a sizeable refund from Sars.

The new tax year started this month and you have hopefully already recorded your vehicle’s opening odometer reading. Journey Organizer will save you the hassle of manual recording of travel, allowing you to record it on your smartphone.

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Simply plug the dongle into your vehicle’s 12V socket, download the Journey Organizer app to your Android or iOS smartphone, and pair the two via Bluetooth.

Your Journey Organizer will automatically log your travel and time data. To flag a trip for business, just push the button on the top of the device. If you forget, simply recategorise the trip from your smartphone app.

With its own built-in GPS engine and low-energy Bluetooth communications, battery-drain of your mobile device is minimised and location services for the app don’t need to be enabled.

It logs trip data independent of any other device – even if the app is closed or if incorrect phone settings are selected.

With an accurate, complete and Sars-compliant logbook, you will not only avoid having to pay more tax, you can also claim a sizeable refund on the tax already paid.

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