Insurance for “selfie” addicts

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You could lose hundreds of pictures and special memories if you don’t insure your cellphone and camera. Rather be safe than sorry and ensure you have someone in your corner to cover “the bigger picture”.

Let’s face it, the fact that portable possessions are portable makes them the easiest items to get left on top of the car, in the bathroom, at the bar or attached to a charger in the strangest of places. It happens all the time. And, of course, there’s also the risk of theft. We’re all guilty of not being quite as aware when we’re on holiday.

Losing your camera or phone while travelling is, quite frankly, a major inconvenience. Not only are you pretty much stranded without a phone – and, nowadays, being without a phone is like losing a limb – but you’ll also lose a load of content if you haven’t backed it up.

Trips are a great way to accumulate memories in the form of pictures and videos, and all of these can be lost too. Plus, add to that the stress of the money you may need to cough up to replace these items in a different country (and potentially, in a different currency).

So why not get your devices insured? Make sure you have cover for your cellphone, video camera or camera against damage, loss or theft. Imagine having your very own personal bodyguard looking after you and your portable possessions. Now, wouldn’t that make you smile?

The King Price portable possessions insurance offers to pay a realistic replacement value so you don’t miss out on continuing to capture those memories. The King has your back – while you focus on discovering the moment, he’s got the bigger picture covered. Get your quote now from King Price Insurance.


Having a cellphone contract doesn’t mean that the handset is automatically insured. Cellphones, especially smartphones should be included under “specified items” on your portable possessions insurance policy. “Specified” means that each phone that you need insured is listed by name, make and value.

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