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My setup tomorrow is going to be looking a little like this🌴✌🏼️

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Social media has evolved from a space where you share updates with family and friends to a platform to promote both yourself and your brand. Being active on social media sites – and having a strong following to boot – has become a prerequisite for many careers.

Instagram is a great platform for those who want to to represent themselves online, but don’t necessarily have the time to keep up with the world of Twitter and would rather keep their Facebook profiles private. But snapping a quick pic and adding a few hashtags doesn’t quite make the cut anymore.

These Instagrammers are all taking visual social media to the next level by using colour schemes, epic filtering and layouts to create their own brand. Follow them to fill your feed with eye-catching images and for inspiration on how to liven up your own page.

@megsays_ (Meg Says)

I first stumbled across British Youtuber and Blogger, Meg Says on Youtube and quickly followed her on all my accounts. I’ve watched her success grow across all of her social platforms in a matter of months, and this has to be attributed to the meticulous handling of her images.

Meg’s Instagram is typical of what you would expect to find on a beauty blogger profile, but she pulls it off in a way that few others have managed. The layout of products grabs your attention and she has an excellent variety of images, making her less predictable than the average account. The subtle use of colour schemes has to be the best thing about this account – it makes scrolling through her page easy and heart-warming.

@cassmiat (Cassandra Twala)

FAVE Elegance is a progressive concept ~ Hedi Slimane

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A friend recommended this account to me when I told her that I was trying to make my own Instagram theme more cohesive. You’ll struggle to find an ounce of colour on Twala’s page – and her black, white and grey theme works exceptionally well. Aside from bringing an air of instant relaxation to anyone who scrolls through her page, Twala’s photos serve as excellent style tips that can be recreated without breaking the bank.

Expect fashion, style, food, make-up and an elegant simplicity that will inspire you to fill your closet with nothing but black and white.

 @jordanbunker (Jordan Bunker)

Relaxed Monday mornings with @kinfolk🍃

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I met Jordan Bunker on a group trip through Europe. Everyone on the group was quick to follow each other on Instagram and we were soon drooling over Bunker’s sleek and stylish aesthetic. Head over to this account for excellent style inspiration, unique travel photos and interesting decor.

Simplicity is key on Bunker’s account, but you can also expect a heavy dose of fun.

@brightbazaar (Will Taylor)

Coney Island colors! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #MakeYouSmileStyle

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If colourful content is more your speed, then this account will brighten up both your day and your feed. Interior design author, Will Taylor, uses the spaces around him as powerful backdrops, rather than relying on heavy editing and filtering. His feed features interior design photos, street art and natural elements – all of which are intricately grouped to emphasise their colours.

This account serves as great inspiration for anyone looking to add some coherency to their account, without turning to editing apps that can make photos look forced.

@lulamawolf (Lulama “Wolf” Mlambo)

Ready for winter in my @countryroad knits. Full look on the blog coming up.📍| photo by @lebolukewarm

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Mlambo has emerged as a respected blogger in the South African lifestyle sphere, with a focus on style, food and creativity. Her Instagram account is representative of the brand she’s built for herself and has a huge following.

Her account features fashion, travel, food and everyday life – all of which is effortlessly put together in a subtle theme that couldn’t work better. If you’re looking to be more flexible with the sort of content you post on your account or are looking for ways to incorporate yourself, Mlambo serves as great inspiration.

If you follow or own a game-changing Instagram account, we’d love to check it out. Please let us know in the comments.

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