Vice reporter Justin Caffier shared a tweet on June 25 with a photo of himself in front of a mural in the city of Los Angelas. What makes this news worthy you ask? Well, said L.A mural is guarded by a security guard, with only verified social media users and influencers with no less than 20 000 followers allowed to pose and take snaps in front of it.

In the tweet, Caffier says, “There’s a new security-guarded mural in LA that only allows influencers and verifieds to take pics in front of it.” The tweet has subsequently received over 2.7k comments, ranging from user @newbiedm saying “The one in Deland, FL is prettier and doesn’t care about followers or verification,” to other’s superimposing images of themselves in front of the mural where Caffier stands.

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The private mural of wings attached to a heart accompanied by the words “City of Angels” and “love” and “art” and a verified badge to top it off, is situated on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood behind a white sheet and was created by little-known brand Like and Subscribe, who placed the security guard and a sign that reads,”PRIVATE MURAL FOR VERIFIED INFLUENCERS AND PEOPLE WITH OVER 20 000 FOLLOWERS ONLY. We apologize for the inconvenience. See security staff for proof and access.”

The sign ended off with a call-to-action that read “Influencers: Please tag us on social media! Insta: @LIKEANDSUBSCRIBE Twitter: @LIKEANDSUB,” in front of the mural.

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, shares the name with a pre-existing podcast run by hosts Taylor Lorenz and Julia Alexander. Speaking to Digg, Lorenz said “I actually think this is hilarious and just such a perfect encapsulation of everything that’s wrong with today’s influencer culture. Influencers are already getting upgraded at hotels, free meals at restaurants, subsidized apartments in luxury buildings, why wouldn’t they get their own exclusive Instagram playgrounds?”

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