Iconic Designer Jenna Clifford’s Majestic La Rose Cottage

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Eight of my colleagues and I were recently invited to spend a couple of days at South African jewellery designer icon Jenna Clifford’s majestic La Rose Cottage at Lake Longmere in White River, Mpumalanga. Jenna bought La Rose Cottage some 16 years ago as a family getaway and loved the tranquillity and beauty of this little town so much that she decided to make White River her home. She bought a nearby farm and transformed this gumtree-laden land into a spectacular oasis.

What to do with the cottage? Jenna couldn’t bear to part with this little gem and kept it for friends and family to enjoy. She was eventually persuaded to rent it out to anyone who’d appreciate the tranquillity and beauty as much as she and her family did.

La Rose Cottage is simply beautiful. All the furnishings are Jenna’s own pieces, which she refers to as “shabby-chic”. If you’re looking for a relaxing break from the rat-race, this is the place to be. The cottage is open-plan, with a magnificent, long balcony, which I had to drag myself from – there’s nothing quite like sitting with a view of the lake, candles everywhere and the mandatory glass of wine (or bottle!) in hand.

La Rose Cottage is a self-service, well-equipped, secure and comfortable home. Stop off at the nearby mall, stock up (there’s a bottle store for your convenience) and book into the cottage with your loved one or 9 (it sleeps 10). You can lose yourselves for a couple of blissful days – or, if you’re really lucky, weeks!

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