How much is your handbag really worth?

What are the contents of your handbag really worth? Image by iStock

What are the contents of your handbag really worth? Image by iStock.

You might be surprised to find out just how much you’re actually carrying around in your handbag…

Insurance companies offer anything from R2 000 to R4 000 in handbag cover, but a quick peak into the contents of most women’s handbags revealed just how desperately underinsured you may be.

While handbags come in endless shapes, styles and colours, the items we carry in them are mostly the same for all women. These include a purse (which contains a driver’s licence, ID cards and bank cards), your phone, sunglasses, house or car keys and even make-up.

Seems innocuous enough, right? Until, of course, you add up the value of absolutely everything you carry inside your bag, as I discovered when my handbag was stolen from a friend’s car boot earlier this year. The total cost?

  • Rowdy leather handbag: R1 200
  • Loxion Kulca prescription glasses: R1 900
  • Vintage Casio gold watch: R350
  • Sony Xperia Z: R7 000
  • Passport and ID book: R140 and R450, respectively
  • My favourite knitted scarf: R120
  • Square Cotton On wallet (including cash): R560
  • Access card for work: R80
  • Pharrell Williams concert ticket: R650

Total: R12 450

Insurance coverage: R0

My colleague, Digital Editor Eddie Maluleke (32), also discovered how much she was carrying around when her handbag was snatched while dining with a friend at a restaurant on the street.

  • iPhone 5: R11 000
  • Camera: R6 700
  • Phone charger: R250
  • Make-up bag (containing three MAC lipsticks, MAC powder and a MAC primer): R555, R285 and R185, respectively
  • Nine West handbag: R1 100
  • Sunglasses: R2 500
  • Children’s antihistamines: R300

Total: R25 175

Insured: R17 700 (for the cellphone and camera)

Shortfall: R7 475

Fortunately for her, her smart car key (valued at R16 000) wasn’t in her handbag when it was snatched.

King Price also offers out-and-about cover for items, such as cameras, cellphones and tablets, but replacing everything else could leave a dent in your pocket.

With this in mind, it’s important to be extra vigilant when it comes to your handbag, even if you have handbag or out-and-about cover.

Our top safety tips:

  • Buy a handbag with a zipper rather than a magnetic clip, which leaves part of your bag susceptible to pick pockets.
  • Thankfully, long handbag straps are out of fashion, so you can shorten your strap and carry it tightly between your elbow and your body.
  • Only carry essential items and leave your iPad in your car boot – just make sure your car is locked!
  • Limit your liability by carrying as little cash as possible.
  • Never leave your bag on an empty chair or hanging off one in a public place. Rather keep it sandwiched between your body and your chair.
  • Never leave your handbag in a shopping cart or baby stroller.
  • Keep your ID at home and your car keys separate from your house keys.

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