Hot days in Durban

Durban couple and dancers

It’s always holiday time in Durban. Well, that’s what it feels like anyway! This coastal port city has over 300 days of sunshine per year and is one of South Africa’s best-loved holiday destinations. There’s so much on offer – great beaches, funky restaurants, Zulu culture and heritage, shop-til-you-drop markets and a range of accommodation and activities to keep you busy all day long.

Durban Promenade

Durban’s promenade buzzes with life. This really is where it all happens – from families licking ice-creams on a hot day and small kids riding on plastic motorbikes (or just running around) to tweens and teens on rollerblades, skateboards or J-boards or even couples sitting on a bench watching the waves and the people. Stretching into the distance are high-rise hotels and holiday apartments – with the Golden Arch of the Moses Mabidha stadium making its presence felt from afar. In the foreground, miles and miles of coastline filled with swimmers, bathers and artists crafting works in the sand.

Durban artwork on beach

Don’t miss out on buying curios along the pavement from the street sellers, or spices at the Indian markets. Learn to surf or boogie board at one of Durban’s many excellent beaches and, if all else fails, the public pools provide hours of fun for everyone. Make sure you visit some of the city’s fabulous restaurants like Freedom Cafe. A trip to the yacht club is also a great idea and sipping on a cocktail with a view of the sun setting over the palm trees should be compulsory on any trip to Durbs. Cheers!

Durban markets

Durban surfing

Durban swimming pools

Durban palm trees

Durban yachts

Freedom Cafe

Durban cocktail

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