Adam Court’s top 3 hospitality design trends

Adam Court, Chris Weylandt and Kim Smith.

Adam Court, Chris Weylandt and Kim Smith.

Weylandts recently introduced Weylandts Spaces, a specialised interior design division, headed up by trendspotting interior designer Adam Court. Not shy to speak his mind, he outlines his top three latest design trends for the hospitality industry:


“We’ve had so much mid-century/vintage furniture and decor recently, along with the ubiquitous and now rather exhausted driftwood and sun-bleached beach house look. I’m hoping to see more thoughtful and genuinely eclectic interiors that reflect individual tastes and interests and diverse personalities. I’m looking for a less stylised and formulaic one-look approach and anticipate that designers will be creating a more diverse stylistic mix which stimulates the senses and provokes intrigue and interest, with a focus on curation, quality and detail.”



“Colours are changing,” says Court. “We’ve seen plenty of black and white, and neutral interiors shot through with blocks of colour, but I think there’ll be a renaissance of natural, warmer tones, light to dark, alabaster, stone, ivory and bone. Cream and earthy neutrals will feature too, but punched through with graphic slate greys and blacks. The overall tone will be quite classic, elegant and chic, but inviting and soothing.”

Maison by Weylandts


“My desire is to see minimalist interiors that reference the finesse, intricacy and detail of classic interior architecture; noble materials juxtaposed with progressive contemporary design pieces, natural elements and materials such as raw timber and stone. The sterile, chilly days of polished surfaces, glass and chrome are hopefully long behind us. Good interiors are like good conversation: diverse, stimulating, sometimes provocative and humorous. Similarly, successful interiors permeate your consciousness over time, just as the longer we spend in an individual’s company, the more we discover about them.”

Weylandts Spaces offers a full spectrum service in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.

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