Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort Mauritius

While some people enjoy experiencing new things when they travel and going out on excursions, some people just want to enjoy a peaceful relaxing holiday. What better way to do this than booking yourself into a holiday resort where you can find everything you need.

The Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort in Mauritius offers this and so much more. From food, spa, wellness centre and an amazing golf course – the resort is an amazing destination for any traveller.

The resort is not only perfect for couples, but also a great holiday destination for young families.

Travelling with kids can sometimes prove to be a challenge, as you might run out of ideas on how to entertain them throughout the trip.

However, this will be the least of your worries at the Heritage resorts because they offer a free baby and kids club and a teens activity program– where you can leave your children and go explore the island with your spouse.

Not only do children get to participate in various activities, they also get to mingle with other children from various parts of the world which makes the experience worthy for the kids.

While the entire experience at the hotel was amazing, what stood out the most was the amazing food at the hotel. With the variety of restaurants that one gets to dine in, I got to spend most of time at Annabella’s restaurant.

Not only is their food exquisite, but guest also get to interact with the chef to ask any questions they have about the food.

And for the real foodies, there is a cooking course that is offered by the hotel. During the course, guests get to learn to cook Mauritian food. And when they leave the country, they get to impress their friends and loved ones with new Mauritian recipes.

While I loved the food, the other great part of my stay at Heritage Le Telfair was the spa treatment at the seven colours spa, which is located at the hotel.

The staff were amazing, ensured that I was comfortable, they explained the different spa treatments, and what benefits one can get from each, which was really nice because making a choice was no train smash.

I also enjoyed a beginners golf lesson at the Heritage Golf Club, which is one of the reasons guests around the world love going to the Heritage Le Telfair.

Having a personal butler also made my stay even more exclusive, as there was nothing that they could not assist you with. The staff are amazing and are always willing to assist whenever you need them to help you.

The hotel, which is a member of the small luxury hotels was nominated for twice in 2016 as “Best Golf Hotel in the Indian Ocean” at the World Golf Awards and awarded “Luxury Spa Hotel” by the World Luxury Awards.


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