Great travel tips for the regular traveller

Do you spend a lot of time travelling for work? Here are a few tips to make your trips a lot less stressful.

Pack less 

Take everything you think you’re going to need for your trip out of your closet, and then halve it. That’s what you should pack. Yes, it’s good to be prepared for different weather and all that, but think about it, do you really need six jerseys and five pairs of shoes? The lighter you pack, the easier your trip will be.

Also, invest in a distinctive suitcase that you can easily identify at the luggage carousel.

Keep it compact

If you’re still carrying around one of those big laptop bags with a thousand zips, then you’re overcomplicating your life. You need to invest in either an envelope bag or a structured tote bag just big enough to carry your laptop, laptop charger and any documents you’ll need. This could even be a backpack.

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Valet services 

Find out about the valet parking service available at the airport so that you don’t struggling with parking, which can be a major schlep, especially if you’re running late. With a valet service, you just drop your car off at the drop-off zone and someone from the service will drive your car to the secure parking lot. When you return they’ll be waiting for you with your car right where you left it.

Join the queue without children 

Choose the queues you join carefully, and avoid the ones with children in them. As simple as this is, it will make your queuing life a lot less stressful. Queues with children tend to move a lot slower, and who needs this frustration?

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Travel with a hoodie 

The benefits of travelling with a hoodie are countless, especially on a long flight. First of all hoodies are super comfortable and they make great ‘cushions’ when you want to sleep. Thanks to the hood, you’re also able to shut out that chatterbox stranger you always seem to find yourself sitting next to by simply putting it on and facing the window.


Just because you’re a regular flyer doesn’t mean you like flying, right? And it’s easy to assume that the worst part of any flight is turbulence for any person with the slightest aviophobia (the fear of flying). Believe it or not, jiggling around slightly during turbulence counteracts (to some degree) the bumpiness, making it a bit more manageable.

And now you’re ready to go!

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