A glimpse into South Africa’s Wildest Places

Scott Ramsay’s photographic coffee-table book celebrates South Africa’s natural heritage, featuring all 19 national parks and 11 provincial reserves in his 400-page book, South Africa’s Wildest Places (self-published). 

Photojournalist Scott Ramsay hopes to inspire people to care about conservation by sharing his own love for Africa’s natural wonders. For the past 10 years, he’s photographed southern and central Africa’s wild places, and interviewed the rangers and researchers who live and work there.

The book is the culmination of three years of immersion in our country’s 30 most special national parks. For Scott, Africa’s wild places are the most valuable on the continent, not only socially and economically, but spiritually too. When he’s not swatting tsetse flies in the Zambezi Valley or lugging way too much camera equipment around Virunga’s rainforests, he’s based in Cape Town and likes to hang upside down in the kelp forests of False Bay.

To see more of his work and purchase the book (R890 – including free local courier delivery in South Africa), visit: www.lovewildafrica.com.


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