Getting to know Abuja

Having been in the works for a while, South African Airways recently made Abuja a second gateway to Nigeria. Sawubona was there for the inaugural flight and we want to share a bit more about Abuja, one of our favourite African destinations.

  1. Abuja was purposefully established in 1976 with the intention of resolving tension between political and religious spheres, as well as creating a central capital and relieving overcrowding in Lagos.
  1. It was made the official capital city of Nigeria on 12 December 1991.
  1. The city was built on a variety of granite slopes, making for interesting geological sites. Among the most well-known are Aso Rock and Zuma Rock.
Photo: Mikail Hansa

Photo: Mikail Hansa

  1. The Three Arms Zone is inspired by Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill. This is where you’ll find the National Assembly, the Presidential Villa and the Supreme Court.
  1. Traditional food is spicy and jollof rice, fried rice and catfish are common dishes at many of the capital’s restaurants.

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