Gallery: Kingsley Holgate Sani Pass Visit


Kingsley Holgate, Africa’s most-travelled explorer and ambassador for Land Rover, has retraced the tracks of one of the earliest vehicles to navigate the Sani Pass.

The difficult trail connecting KwaZulu-Natal to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho was successfully navigated in a Land Rover 65 years ago. The infamous mountain trail road’s steep inclines and rocky terrain were met head on by Holgate and a number of classic Land Rover owners.

The convoy began their journey on 21 February, with the Underberg School being their first scheduled stop the next day. Here, they participated in the Rhino Art Project run by the Kingsley Holgate Foundation. Other stops included lunch at Sani Top – Africa’s highest pub – and visits to remote villages in the Lesotho highlands, where the group handed out reading glasses in conjunction with the Rite 2 Sight project. Watch the videos here.

The 60-year-old Land Rovers held their ground, allowing Holgate to celebrate the beauty that Southern Africa has to offer.

Images courtesy of Ross Holgate of the Kingsley Holgate Foundation.

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