Reimagining seven famous blockbuster film posters, a group of graphic designers celebrated must-see holiday destinations as the star of the show.

From the location of Tim Burton’s latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to the setting of Steven Spielberg’s classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the posters are in the signature styles of the movie posters with a generous dash of wanderlust, as reported by The Telegraph.

The destinations on show include the ancient city of Petra in the mountains of Jordan, presented by Spielberg, one of the USA’s largest cities, Chicago, presented by Christopher Nolan, the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, presented by Peter Jackson, and Japan’s bustling capital, Tokyo, presented by Sofia Coppola. Other destinations include Jaipur (India), Seoul (South Korea) and the settlement of Portholland in Cornwall, England.

Here’s a look at the posters that will inspire your next blockbuster travel destination:

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