GALLERY: David Yarrow’s Wild Encounters (Rizzoli)

Glasgow-born photographer David Yarrow swapped an illustrious 30-year career in finance for a life behind the lens. Now one of the world’s best-selling photographers, he’s represented by prestigious galleries across the world. His subject matter is the natural world and its inhabitants, with a sharp and unsentimental focus on endangered species and vulnerable people and areas. Yarrow’s frequent use of extremely low angles creates a sense of immersion into his images, while his stark, wide-angle shots convey the remoteness and harshness of the isolated areas he visits. Once seen, his images are not easily forgotten, which as a conservationist, is surely Yarrow’s goal.

His book, Wild Encounters (Rizzoli), showcases his photographic journey across seven continents and was named The Best Art and Photography Book of 2016 by Amazon.

To see more of Yarrow’s work, visit his website.

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