Floods hit the south of Thailand

In the southern region of Thailand, heavy torrential rains have led to severe floods that have claimed the lives of 14 people. Areas greatly affected include popular tourist hotspots such as Krabi and Koh Samui island, as well as Malay Peninsula, the Mergui Archipelago and the south of Myanmar.

The rains have been falling since Thursday, with some areas reporting up to half a metre of rainfall. Since Thursday, 234 000 people from 1 245 villages across 18 districts have been affected.

Some flights and ferry services have been delayed or cancelled, while roads – some of which lay under 80cm of water and were affected by mudslides in Nayong district – and rail networks came to a standstill.

An area of low pressure circulating to the west of the country, above the Andamab Sea, resulted in the rain. While it is not developed enough to form a tropical cyclone, the circulation has grown over the warm waters of the region.

It is believed that the low pressure system will move westwards in the coming days, which will bring relief to Thailand, but grow concerns for Andaman Islands.

What to do if you’re travelling to Thailand:

  • Contact your tour operator or hotel for the latest information on disruptions should the area you’re travelling to be affected or be at risk
  • Follow the instructions of the local disaster management authories
  • Monitor news and weather reports

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