Five travel Instagrammers you’ll want to follow

When you’re after travel inspiration in the form of picture-perfect scenic views and a glimpse of the world’s iconic structures and monuments, stolen moments of world flavours being savoured and once-in-a-lifetime experiences perfectly captured, Instagram comes to mind. From actuarial specialists to artists, we’ve selected five Instagrammers who share their travel experiences with the world, inspiring wanderlust, one picture at a time.

Mmanaka Kelobonye

Actuarial specialist Mmanaka Kelobonye continues to serve us travel goals, as she trots around the world with sheer luxe elegance. From the streets of Thailand to champagne house Moët & Chandon in France, Kelobonye has redefined jetsetting. Not only are her backdrops epic, but she herself is a monument of style. Follow her on Instagram.



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Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo of world renowned label Maxhosa can be spotted everywhere from Morocco to Barcelona in his signature apparel, proudly transporting his cultural heritage across the globe. His Instagram page is an endless lookbook, showcasing his designs against the backdrop of the world’s iconic cities. Follow him on Instagram.

Sight seeing in #MAXHOSA shorts and sock game 🇪🇸

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Aisha Baker

Entrepreneur, fashionista and travel blogger Aisha Baker captures herself everywhere from her native Cape Town to  the streets of New York City, like a true citizen of the world. From sharing her journey in business, to enjoying the best eateries, Baker inspires an appreciation for life’s moments, big and small, wherever in the world she happens to be. Follow her on Instagram.

When will I stop dreaming about you… New York? 💔😤🌆🎏📸 @xx_niquita_xx

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Asiyama Gold

Nigerian visual storyteller Asiyama Gold encapsulates design, photography and travel on her Instagram page in a collage of colour, texture and positive vibrations. The blogger shares thoughtfully curated pictures of her living the island life in Beau Vallon, Seychelles, and relaxing on white sheets in Indonesia, among other locations. Follow her on Instagram.

🌴Because the world is one big playground. 🌴 @visitseychelles #seychellesislands 📷: @borderjunkie

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Lebo Lukewarm

From places to people, international photographer Lebo Lukewarm captures the world through his lens. Lukewarm can be seen on Vespas in Paris and capturing the essence of street style in Manhattan. His Instagram showcases what the world has to offer in terms of food, urban landscapes and style. Follow him on Instagram.

Looking at it, this has truly been an amazing 3 months for me… I think i just fed the travel monster that lives inside of me and all I wanna do now is see more. I’ve learned so much, I shared so many great moments with new people and not so interesting moments, I guess it’s the unpredictable nature of human behavior… While out and about yesterday I think I may have stumbled across my next venture, I woke up today a resuscitated me with so much drive, you’d swear I worked for über. “If you love me you will pray for me.” I live to create, I’m a man with multiple outlets and I exploit them all!!! I hope to make my mama proud and my papa rich! (If your goals don’t make you nervous, you’re dreaming too small) I just went all fake deep on you I’m sorry, but if you’ve continued reading this far; I thank you! #paris #france #summer #sad17 #travelnoire 📸 @valentindvr

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Header image: Instagram/@asiyami_gold

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