Five tips to stay safe at airports

As you make your way to your dream holiday destination, or return from a well-deserved vacation, it’s important to not let your guard down completely, but to stay alert at all times as you move through and from the airport.

Here are five safety tips to always keep in mind when travelling though the airport:

Do thorough research

According to AIG Ireland, a provider of car, property, travel, health and identity theft insurance products, travellers are “at [their] greatest risk of being a victim of crime in the first 24 hours of a trip abroad”.

It is therefore important to conduct as much information on your arrival destination prior to travelling. This would include logistical information such as how you will get from the hotel to your accommodation. When possible, secure your transportation from the airport prior to arrival from a reputable shuttle or cab service.

Always follow airport rules

Airport rules ensure the safety of all travellers, and it is therefore important to observe them, while also remaining highly alert, taking note of your surroundings, airport announcements and luggage.

Consider the best times to travel

Travel Channelthe world’s leading travel media brand, advises selecting the times at which you’ll be travelling with safety in mind. Speaking to Travel Channel, travel safety expert at insurance provider World Nomads, Phil Sylvester, urges holiday-makers to “avoid travelling at peak times when the check-in and security check lines will be longer. Use the TSA app to determine when the busiest times are (it’s usually Fridays from 4pm-8pm)”.

 Keep important information and valuables on you
This may be a common travel rule, but it may be overlooked at times. When it comes to valuable items and important travel information, keep them in a travel bag that’s easy to carry, or a discreet travel wallet like a hidden money belt, where your passport, for example, may also fit.

When in doubt, speak to airport personnel

Should you be unsure about navigating through the airport, hailing a cab to your hotel, or where to access services such as a currency exchange, avoid speaking to random people, as it may expose you to danger. It’s best to ask official airport personnel, or your airline representative.

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