First Lady Melania’s home country Slovenia sees tourist boom

Slovenia has seen an increase in tourists flocking to the boutique holiday destination for something other than snowboarding and skiing, and First Lady Melania Trump, the second first lady born abroad may be the reason. On Tuesday, the national Statistics Bureau reported a 10% increase in overnight stays in Slovenia by American tourists in 2016 compared to 2015, and at 15,4% in December alone.

Taking advantage of the recent increase, tour operators are offering special tours providing an intimate look into her formative years before her 20s – when she transitioned to becoming a model and exploring where the first lady was raised, went to school and worked.

With the growing number of tourists, more means of honouring Melania in the country are being punted, some of which are rather unexpected:

At a Pizzeria in her hometown Sevnica, a jar full of candies has been named after Melania. As part of a range of tourist novelty products, wine named after the Fist lady was also on offer. The Slovenia Tourism Board is said to be planning a comprehensive campaign targeted at attracting more American travellers in 2017.

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