First Diamonds: A bejewelled African odyssey

Be it an unforgettable memory or a life-changing experience, travelling to Africa will always see one leaving with a piece of it. In the heart of Cape Town lies First Diamonds, a boutique jewellery studio where travellers and true connoisseurs of bespoke jewellery can find their timeless piece of the continent.

The diamond merchant – with decades worth of experience in the local and international diamond trade – believes that the gems are far more than stones, but “a glittering beacon of celebration”. It is in this spirit that the brand celebrates the vibrant colours of Africa through its exclusive new range: the African Earth Collection.

This range of impeccable fine jewellery, which ties in with the brand campaign, Celebrate your First, focusing on the different emotions and reasons for purchasing diamonds, was made with international clientele in mind, offering a limited selection of pieces inspired by the hues of Africa as seen in nature.

“We found that most of our international guests purchase diamonds in South Africa for this exact reason – to celebrate their journey to our beautiful country,” explains Heidi Wahl, Brand & Marketing Manager for First Diamonds. “With this in mind, we wanted to offer them something unique, something South African and timeless,” she adds.

Fancy-coloured diamonds shine bright in this collection, reminiscent of the continent’s savannah grasslands to its unforgettable sunshine, with the use of unique auburn, yellow and gold stones, finished off with yellow, rose and white gold, for timeless creations.

What went into selecting the stones that were used for the collection? Wahl explains: “We wanted to celebrate South Africa’s natural beauty with this range. We selected mainly Natural Fancy yellow and orange and brown stones. We considered every stone according to its unique characteristics, like size, colour and shape. With the centre stone selected, we created each Earth-inspired design to best display the specific stone’s natural beauty and as the stones themselves are one of a kind, every item in this range is a unique masterpiece.”

First Diamonds has remained competitive through its simple philosophy, which recognises diamonds as symbols of life’s milestones and special occasions. “We don’t just sell stones and metal. We sell the physical symbol for dreams, memories and emotions,” explained Wahl. “We are also in the fortunate position of being able to buy rough stones direct from the mines and cutting and polishing the diamonds and manufacturing the jewellery ourselves, which means we have an endless variety of stones to work with, so the sky is the limit. With our patented ranges, we strive to be on the forefront of jewellery design with both everyday items and high-fashion pieces.”

Through its by-appointment, one-on-one consultations, clients are able to delve deeper into the 4cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat – while the jeweller gets to understand their specific needs. “For the clients, it’s a more intimate experience. They can touch and try on an endless array of ready-made pieces or plan their own custom piece without being interrupted by fellow shoppers.”

In keeping with constantly innovating and setting trends, First Diamonds is in the planning phase of  “a branded First Diamonds range which will be casual, fun and an everyday, combining value for money with exceptional quality to celebrate all the ‘first’ moments in your life every day,” concluded Wahl.

To make an appoint with First Diamonds, visit its website or contact +27 63 170 6064.

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