Exhibitions at the Goodman Gallery

Goodman Gallery

Cradle by Walter Oltmann.

Make a date to visit the Goodman Gallery in either Cape Town or Johannesburg over the next few months. Upcoming exhibitions include a number of exceptional artists:

Goodman Gallery Cape Town:

17-24 October 2015. ELEGY: A performance and installation by a group of female performers who enact a ritual of mourning. The performance is dedicated to the memory of Ipeleng Christine Moholane, a journalism graduate who was found murdered on May 2015 in Tembisa. This is a powerful commemorative work by Gabrielle Goliath.

Gabrielle Goliath_portrait_b

Portrait: Gabrielle Goliath

29 October-12 December 2015. CRADLE: This exhibition showcases new works by Walter Oltmann and focuses on a series of human skulls (both child and adult). The works include drawing, prints, watercolours and wire weavings, as well as photographic images taken at rock engraving sites around South Africa.

18 December 2015-30 January 2016. A GEOMETRY OF ECHOES: This exhibition by Gerhard Marx explores the “visual languages inherent to the articulation of the physical world, with emphasis on a spatial conception of landscape”.

Gerhard Marx_DEPTH, cut and reconstructed map fragments on cotton paper, 26 x 28cm, 2015. paper_medium

Depth by Gerhard Marx.

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg:

Currently on until 11 November 2015, you don’t want to miss TO BE YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK, an exhibition curated by Hank Willis Thomas.

18 November-19 December 2015. SALT WATER. The works of Nigerian artist Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze include a focus on two essential elements. Although she has a background in photography, printmaking and textiles, these works focus on her first love – drawing.


With the galaxy beneath her, she remembered the magic of soaring amidst coconut clouds. By Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze

19 November-19 December 2015. ONE POUND OF FLESH: This solo exhibition by Diane Victor includes drawings in mixed media and large and small scale drawings. “Victor presents a series of drawings that traverse the line between the private and the public, between gratification and expectation, and between the body and the body politic.”

Oh the Shark dear, ...

Oh, the shark, dear, has such teeth, dear. By Diane Victor. All images courtesy of the Goodman Gallery.

The Goodman Gallery in Cape Town is open from Tuesday to Friday from 09h30-17h30 and on Saturday from 10h00-16h00. The Goodman Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 09h30-17h30 and on Saturdays from 09h30-16h00.

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