Exclusive Books launches pan-African writing initiative

In response to a growing demand for books by writers from Africa and its diaspora, Exclusive Books has increased its offering of major works of continental literature, from Chinua Achebe to Chris van Wyk, across its stores.

For Africa Month (May 2017), the bookseller is publishing a special 80-page catalogue detailing over 200 of these works, which originate from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, the UK, the USA and the Caribbean, among other territories. The catalogue will be available in limited quantities in each of its stores.

“The consultation and care that went into the selection of titles in the catalogue represents an ideal that we strive for as booksellers,” said Benjamin Trisk, CEO of Exclusive Books. “While no catalogue can be comprehensive and every curation is necessarily imperfect, we feel that our debut effort makes for a significant start. We will strive to improve and increase our selection each year.”

In developing the catalogue, Exclusive Books worked alongside publishers to bring several titles back into print. It has also committed in the long term to re-ordering a large number of the works to help ensure that as many as possible remain so.

“We want to keep the entire Pan-African Writing list in stock across our group,” said Trisk. “If a given work is not available in a given store, that store will be able to order the book for the customer, either centrally or from a sister store.”

Look out for the Exclusive Books Pan-African Writing Catalogue, in stores from 10 May. All books in the catalogue earn Fanatics members double points throughout Africa Month.

– Exclusive Books

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