Europe’s trendiest arts & culture destinations

Europe’s rich historical heritage and unique infrastructure makes it a special cultural and artistic hotspot. Whether you are touring the Louvre in Paris or exploring the side streets of Copenhagen, these attractive cities will fascinate and inspire you with their relics, monuments and art. Get ready to soak up some art and culture in some of these trending European cities.

Paris, The City of Lights

Who can deny that Paris, home of the Louvre, is one of the world’s most famous cultural and artistic hotspots? The Louvre exhibits the world’s most famous painting, i.e. the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The Louvre is far too big to cover in a single day. Its grounds are so vast that it is estimated that it would take three months to tour the entire museum if one spent just two minutes on each artistic piece.

Milan, Italy’s fashion hub

Milan is Italy’s capital of cool. Visitors are lured to the city not only because of its shopping, but also to discover the heartland of Europe’s classical art and fashion scene. Conquered by a barge of invaders – Gauls, Romans and Goths – Milan was one of the first independent city-states of the Renaissance. Look out for the Milan Cathedral, and the Sforza Castle, home to a trove of art treasures. Don’t forget to shop at one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, named after Victor Emmanuel II, the first King of Italy. Of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a viewing of Milan’s most famous artwork – Da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Basel, Switzerland’s historical jewel

There is no better place than Basel to immerse in Switzerland and Europe’s rich history. Located on the pristine Rhine river, Basel is home to almost 40 museums, such as the Basel Art Museum, the Museum of Cultures and a host of other attractive venues. Also of interest is the city’s cultural scene. Don’t miss the Basel symphony and chamber orchestras and the wide range of contemporary productions at the Basel Theatre.

London, the bustling metropolis  

London has historical and artistic landmarks at every twist and turn in its streets and alleys. When in London, do as the Londoners do – explore the city’s museums and art galleries, but also its unique pubs, restaurants and theatres. London has more than 200 museums and art galleries. Venues of interest include the renowned Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Take some time to enjoy the hype at Hyde Park or soak up the tranquil scenes at one of London’s many parks.

Visit wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen is increasingly gaining momentum as a trendy cultural destination. The city is packed with art galleries, vintage antique stores and an impressive array of theatres. From the old Royal Danish Theatre in Kongens Nytorv to the latest Royal Danish Playhouse at Copenhagen’s waterfront, there is something for everyone. Areas of interest to explore include Amalienborg Palace – a must-see for anyone with a taste for royal history, and the renowned Nyhavn, a 17th century sailor’s docking spot transformed into a summertime entertainment district with high-end restaurants and tours of the nearby canals.

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