Durban’s tastiest burgers

Image courtesy of Dropkick Murphy's

Image courtesy of Dropkick Murphy’s

In recent years, gourmet burgers have been firmly entrenched in the menus of many contemporary restaurants, allowing diners to hold onto their childhood favourite.

Durban is no exception to this hamburger revolution with revamped versions putting many eateries on the culinary map. With deluxe ingredients being put between the buns and increasing options for different dietary requirements, the burger has certainly made a comeback!

Suncoast Casino, Hotels & Entertainment have put together a list of Durban’s tastiest burgers for their guests to hunt down during their stay.

‘CamemBurger’ Surf Riders Food Shack

Head to North Beach to try this free-range, hormone-free burger, served in between sesame buns. The patty is topped with melted camembert, balsamic jam and a berry relish.

Image courtesy of Surf Riders Food Shack

Image courtesy of Surf Riders Food Shack

‘Kimchi Mayo Beef Burger’ at Freedom Café

This Korean-inspired beef burger is topped with Kimchi, which is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables and seasonings. Straw fries finish off the flavoursome dish.

‘Lamb Burger’ at Café Vigour

For something a little different, try this 150g patty topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, gherkins, homemade burger relish and cheddar cheese.

Image courtesy of Cafe Vigour

Image courtesy of Café Vigour

‘Hipster Burger’ at Republik

Far from mainstream, this burger is served without a bun on a grilled garlic Portobello mushroom base. The burger is topped with fresh rocket and served with a side of battered zucchini fries paired with a honey and mustard aioli.

‘Frank’s Burger’ at Frank’s Speakeasy

A 250g beef or chicken burger is topped with mature white cheddar, barbecue mayo and tasty sauces in this Mount Edgecombe restaurant.

Paddy’s Burgers at Dropkick Murphy’s

The 180g chicken patty is served with shredded lettuce, tomato & home-made BBQ sauce. A variety of toppings including bacon, jalapeños, blue cheese, onion marmalade and biltong finish off the burger.

Burger by Dropkick Murphy's

Image courtesy of Dropkick Murphy’s.

‘ChiliCheezGuac’ at Rocomamas

Fast becoming a favourite South African burger joint, Rocomamas leaves us spoilt for choice. This burger is an explosion of chilli partnered with aged cheddar, bacon, tomato, fresh guacamole, red onion and smoked mayo.

Featured image courtesy of Dropkick Murphy’s.

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