The destinations behind 4 Stunning Vacation Snaps By local Celebs

If you’ve prowled through the Instagram vacation snaps of your favourite celebrity for hours, you may have been inspired to know a little more about the actual destinations in their awe-inspiring backdrops. From Thailand to Jamaica,  our local icons have shared wanderlust-inducing pictures of their holiday destinations, but here’s the story behind them:

Bonang Matheba serving us yacht goals in Thailand 

……🌺❤👑🐝 #thailand #phuket #travel #ootd 📸@jitenramlal

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Thailand may easily be one of the most beautiful island destinations to travel to with a vibrant night life and blue waters to enjoy water activities such as scuba diving to jet skiing. If its a slow boat ride against the sunset you’re looking for, you can sail the waters in a boat or lavish yacht. Experience a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River to see some of Bangkok’s ancient temples.

Thando Thabete in colourful Brazil

Escasdia Selaron 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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Stroll up the world-famous ‘Selaron Steps’ in the heart of Rio de Janeiro as locals bustle by. Formally called the Escadaria Selarón, this is a fitting ode to the country when there, as the designer Jorge Selarón created the iconic flight of stairs that lead up to St Teresa Conventas as “a tribute to the people of Brazil.”

Former Miss South Africa, Jolene Strauss in picture-perfect Jamaica

The beautiful islands of Jamaica have amazing beachfronts to enjoy on your Caribbean holiday. Located close to many resorts, one such beach is Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay. Simply soak up the sun with a signature cocktail in hand or take up some snorkelling in its torquiese waters to witness the island’s reefs and exotic aquatic life.

Jeannie D skiing like a pro in the French Alps

What a day! Thank you @marianopuricelli ⛷🎿

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This travel bucket list must-do is bound to be epic. Enjoy a skiing trip in the highest mountain peaks in Europe, the French Alps. There are skiing resorts such as the Courchevel 1850 that offer lessons and equipment, and snug yet luxurious interiors with wood fire places to retire to, amazing views and delicious food.

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