De Bos wines – easy drinking over the festive season

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Corlea Fourie, winemaker Bosman Family Vineyards. Image by Peartree Photography.

Wines from Bosman Family Vineyards are certainly not new to the South African wine scene. The family is in its 8th generation of the wine business with the history of the farm in Wellington, dating back to 1699. But the wine brand De Bos is something of a newcomer and definitely one worth trying this festive season. Like all good wines, there is a story behind the making of the De Bos range – an inspired partnership between the Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Worker’s Trust. The Bosman family, whose business was originally a vine nursery, aim to be leading innovators in wine and in community building. [They are already Fair Trade certified and have created local community initiatives aimed at investing in the education, health and empowerment of farm workers and families from the surrounding areas].

Bosman Family Vineyards Lelienfontein Wellington

Corlea Fourie, the dynamic winemaker (for both Bosman Family Vineyards and De Bos wines) is showing off her skills by producing wine that is more and more delicious every year

“We want to make authentic wines that are not too clinical and that demonstrate passion. They should show where they come from, otherwise why are we putting in all the effort?”

The De Bos Chenin Blanc sur lie is the perfect summer wine, especially if you’re getting a little tired of same-old Sauvignon Blanc. The “sur lie” process involves leaving the wine to rest on its yeast after fermentation to give it a creamy and richer texture without the need for wood. It’s a style that is classic to the Loire Valley in France and creates a luxurious wine that’s not too heavy. The current vintage, 2015, is delightfully fresh with white peach tones and a touch of pear on the finish. [Available from R70 a bottle direct from the farm or at good bottle stores].

Another great summer wine is the De Bos 47 Varietal Rosé 2015. An astonishing fact is that it is made from 47 grapes varieties (there’s no typo here!). The main variety is Shiraz with just over 13%,  followed by some known and some lesser known varieties such as Durif and Verdelho. The fruit salad of grape varieties comes from the fact that the Bosman family have been in the vine nursery business and therefore have access to all types of grapes. What better way to introduce them to the public than in a zingy, flavour-packed rosé!

So why not try something a little different this festive season? You’ll not only enjoy the fresh tastes of De Bos’ perfect summer wines, but will also help benefit the local community – now that’s something to drink to.

DE BOS Sur Lie CheninBlanc 2015 DE BOS Walker Bay 47 Rosé 2015(1)

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