Day trips to get the most out of Munich and the Bavarian district

To get the most out of Munich and the Bavarian district without the hassle of packing and unpacking every day, here are suggestions for day trips:


This charming town is well known for its proximity to the Zugspitze – the highest point of Germany, and is a great spot to see the Alps. A popular skiing spot in winter, the town has picturesque lakes and palaces and offers numerous summer activities.


This Austrian town, less than two hours from Munich, is Mozart’s birthplace and has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site because of its quaint architecture. You can also visit Europe’s oldest inhabited palace there. Visit


Explore the history and natural beauty of this area Rothenburg.


Take in the magnificence of the palace of King Ludwig II palace. Visit:


This is the village where the Third Reich’s first concentration camp was built. Group tours are arranged from Munich Hauptbanhof, although you can arrange your own trip. Visit

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