Couples that travelled the world instead of having a wedding

In 2016, the wedding industry was estimated to be worth over 300 billion worldwide. Some couples are however opting to invest in longer lasting experiences to celebrate their unions, and what better way than travel? These two couples did just that by taking the unconventional route to the wedding isle.

Turning their life-long commitment into a paid opportunity

New York couple Amy Seder and Brandon Burkley, ditched an excessively expensive one day affair for mini-ceremonies across nine countries instead, and are now inspiring others. The idea become a means for Amy to further advance her skills as a photographer and for Brad to hang his boots as an accountant, and tap into his own creative side.

A day before collecting their wedding rings, it hit them! Why not spend the money they had saved for their rings and the actual wedding, quite their jobs, and travel the world? This was a more authentic experience for them, being the travel lovers they already were. Plans for the wedding were then put on hold. Money was saved and work notices were served over the year that followed. Soon, what had started as just a great idea evolved into a business. They established a company “Away Lands” which they secure brand and tourism ads through will, a smart way to fund their story and travels.

Extending their one-day wedding into multiple memories

When Matt, a trainee lawyer at the time was offered an internship in Switzerland, his girlfriend Tessa who was a bartender, embarked on doing all she could to travel with him. The New York couple saved all they could and even went as far as selling Matt’s car to facilitate his move.

Once they had saved up enough and were ready for the move, the couple packed their wedding clothes, tripod and set out. The couple ended up travelling to nine countries including Norway, Morocco and Spain. At each iconic destination, they changed into their wedding clothes to snap pictures, including capturing their love in with the northern lights serving as the perfect backdrop.

53 ceremonies in over 13 countries

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard, both acrobats and entrepreneurs from Las Vegas, have had an astonishing 58 weddings with ceremonies taking places in the USA, Fiji, Thailand, Colombia, Spain and Egypt among others, for a whopping $3,000 each.

They will be travelling to the Maldives, Dubai, England, Scotland, Iceland, Japan, France, Sri Lanka, Italy, Czech Republic and Bali. The next 100 weddings planned are due to take place on 4 July at the Washington Monument.

How they do it? The “average American” couple apparently owes it ability to travel the world this way through strict saving, and not spending their money unnecessarily on expensive food or clothes.

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