Dakar days

Senegal Sawubona

Sunday along the Plateau in downtown Dakar is relaxed and quiet. The hustle of weekly traffic, shouting street vendors and vocal taxi drivers has faded into a sweet silence. Everyone has migrated to the beaches and outlying islands seeking sunny bathing spots and hearty weekend lunches under beach umbrellas. It’s a perfect time to venture out along the dusty Avenue Pasteur, walking towards the disused site of Senegal’s Supreme Court, the Palais de Justice. What was once left in decay and dilapidation has been transformed into a major contemporary art…
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Inside guide to Gabon

Libreville, Estuaire Province, Gabon: traffic on the Waterfront avenue / Front de Mer / Boulervard de l'Indépendance, near a large seating area for military parades and state events - 3e arrondissement - photo by M.Torres

Libreville: traffic on the Waterfront avenue. Photo by M.Torres, courtesy iStock.

The main challenge any traveller will face is the daunting and expensive task of manoeuvering around a country that only has about two million inhabitants, the majority of them living around the one and only city centre of Libreville. Founded as a town by…
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Magical Mafia

Tanzania is a go-to holiday destination for sun worshipers around the globe and it’s easy to see why. Kilometres of white, sandy beaches stretch along the array of islands where underwater ecosystems come to life beneath bright blue waters. The Zanzibar archipelago may be the most well-known island, but 160km south is an archipelago of inland bays and lagoons, towering palm groves dotted with ancient eight-century ruins and one of the most interesting marine ecosystems and coral reefs in Tanzania. Once a safe haven for ships traversing ancient maritime routes across the seas, now, with the help of an…
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City Guide: Dar Es Salaam


Aerial view of Dar Es Salaam. Image by iStock.


Dar es Salaam is usually dismissed as a mere stopping off point for travellers en route to exotic Zanzibar or game viewing in the stunning Serengeti. But there’s far more to Tanzania’s capital than just an airport and a ferry station.

Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa, with a population expanding faster than the infrastructure can handle. But you’ll figure that out for yourself when you sit in its notorious traffic jams.

The skyline is studded with…
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