A food safari through Mayfair

Mayfair food safari

The chef at Burhan’s Butchery and Kebab House carves schwarma meat from the spit outside the restaurant.

Mayfair, a bustling suburb west of downtown Johannesburg, is South Africa’s culinary frontier. Immigrants – mostly from the Muslim world – have been trickling into Mayfair for decades, bringing food from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

If your stomach has the capacity, it’s easy to spend the better part of a day eating your way through Mayfair. It won’t cost much: Mayfair’s restaurants and cafés offer extremely affordable fare….
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The Zebra Inn: Johannesburg’s Capital of Quirk

The Zebra Inn on Albertina Sisulu Road in Jeppestown.

The Zebra Inn on Albertina Sisulu Road in Jeppestown. Image by Heather Mason.

The Zebra Inn… How shall I describe it?

In simplest terms, the Zebra Inn is a bar: a cool, semi-dark place to enjoy a beer while listening to the jukebox and chatting with the inn’s owner, Swazi Werner, and his partner, Lucille.

But the word “bar” doesn’t begin to describe what the Zebra Inn – whose exterior walls and roof are slathered with boldly painted black-and-white zebra stripes…
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Graffiti-Hunting in Downtown Joburg

Johannesburg, South Africa’s most vibrant creative hub, boasts a multitude of art museums and galleries. But it’s no longer necessary to visit a gallery if you want to see great Jozi art. Graffiti – everything from tiny tags to wall-sized murals – has invaded Joburg’s streets over the past several years, spouting up the sides of buildings, alleys and hidden highway pillars.

A boy poses in front of a graffiti wall in Newtown during a graffiti tour with Past Experiences. A boy poses in front of a graffiti wall in…
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