Consider safety in these five countries

While travelling has its benefits, whether it’s simply to explore new places or for some much-needed time to rediscover yourself, there’s a lot to consider before you set off, with safety being the biggest priority.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before travelling to these five places.


Under its foreign travel advice section on the official UK government website, female travellers are cautioned against visiting India alone, saying that sexual assault cases have been on the increase in the country. “Recent sexual attacks against female visitors in tourist areas and cities show that foreign women are also at risk.” The site highlights areas such as Goa, Delhi, Bangalore and Rajasthan where British women have experienced verbal and physical harassment as well as sexual assault.

Central Park in New York

New York is home to the world-famous Central Park, which draws locals and tourists from around the world. does, however, warn visitors to be aware of being “being pickpocketed or having your purse snatched”. When in the area after the dark, the site recommends the following: “Try not to wander into areas where people are scarce; there definitely is truth to the idea of safety in numbers, particularly when visiting Central Park!”


One of the factors considered in the 2017  Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum is the “extent to which a country exposes tourists and businesses to security risks” in the 136 countries analysed. Colombia is listed as the most dangerous country, with armed gangs, kidnappings and terrorist attacks taking place.


Looking at the safety risks of the top 25 countries by travel warning issued by the US government, Mexico ranked the highest as far as risk goes, having received “28 warnings in an eight-year period”, says.


Global Affairs Canada has advised against any non-essential travel to the Republic of Sudan due to what their website cites as “high levels of violent crime and armed conflict”. In reference to areas in the North African country – such as North, South and West Darfur; Abyei region; North and South Kordufan; the Blue and White Nile State; and Sennar State – the Australian government suggests the following: “We advise against all travel here due to the very high risk. If you do travel, you should typically seek professional security advice.”

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