Four alternative destinations for your mini-honeymoon

A second chance at a honeymoon is always something to look forward to. After you renew your vows, take a mini-honeymoon

There’s nothing that comes close to the excitement of planning and going on a honeymoon. But it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, guys. A wedding vow renewal ceremony is the perfect reason to plan and go on a mini-honeymoon.

We’ve found interesting destinations that are a little different from the conventional holiday spots.

The rustic honeymoon with lots of blue sky

People flock to Zanzibar’s resorts, but Stone Town has a…
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Four alternative destinations for your mini-honeymoon

Add an avo… or two or three to your everyday meals!

Did you know the good monounsaturated fats found in avos are an essential part of a healthy diet? These recipe ideas will make adding avos to your diet fun, easy and delicious!

Chicken curry with avo sambal

What is chicken curry without a sassy sambal on the side? Add diced avo and fresh, chopped coriander to your traditional chopped tomato, onion and toasted coconut for a touch of the exotic.

Marvellous meat-free Mondays: Baked spud with glamorous avo topping

Add a zesty mashed avo topping to your baked potato for a substantial dinner, no meat needed. Simply slit your spud open and add…
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Add an avo – the ultimate meal topping!

Spread the good news, locally grown avocados are in season!

You can once again add loads of good avo health and deliciousness to any meal, at any time of the day.

It’s so simple. Perfect your pizza, burger or sandwich by topping it off with thick slices of avo, or smash it up and add an avo as the crowning glory to your grilled steak or chicken breast… mmmm! And then of course there are your salads. Well, quite frankly a salad isn’t a salad if it doesn’t have generous avo chunks resting atop fresh crisp lettuce!

These avo…
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Sweetening the diet deal

Bowl of healthy muesli with yogurt and fresh berries

Eating need not be a bitter experience. We reveal how sugar can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

When we’re trying to lose weight, sugar is often the first thing to go – much to our dismay. But this need not be the case. Sugar is an essential part of a balanced diet. There’s so much inaccurate information when it comes to nutrition, particularly with regard to the effect of sugar on our health. This makes it very difficult to tell…
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The truth about sugar

We bust a few common myths and reveal some surprising facts about sugar.

Often we’re led to believe that anything that tastes a bit too good isn’t healthy and leads to weight gain. So, when it comes to sugar, the sweetest treat of all, we believe it’s best to cut it out altogether. Yet such a strategy is ill-advised.

According to the South African Sugar Association, studies have shown that people wanting to lose weight find it easier to follow a meal plan that contains sugar than a meal plan that does not….
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Hisense Infinity KO


The stylish Hisense Infinity KO smartphone.

The stylish Hisense Infinity KO smartphone.

How many times have you dropped your phone and cringed at the thought of a cracked screen? Or perhaps you’ve dropped your phone in the bath and rushed to dry it before any water damage occurred. You’ve seen your screen mist up and recalling someone saying you should put it in rice. I remember enjoying drinks with friends, while a plastic bag filled with rice from a kind bartender sat on our table. A friend had dropped her gadget in the bathroom….
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