Cape Town officially one of the four coolest world cities

In 2014, Cape Town was dubbed the World Design Capital by WDC 2014. iKapa went on to be bestowed with the title of Best Food City in the World by Conde Nast Traveller in 2016. Today, the Mother City is considered one of the world’s four coolest cities by travel service by Airbnb and news magazine series, Vice.

Cape Town was named one of the four world’s best cities, alongside Paris, Tokyo and New York, with each city encapsulating the “cool factor” that Airbnb and Vice recognises in cities that are effortlessly authentic and true to themselves.

Airbnb and Vice have assembled unique experiences in the world-class destinations, which will be hosted by a true local to only 100 people. To stand a chance to be one of the 100 selected guests, enter here.

Cape Town’s unique experience will explore Khayelitsha’s electronic music scene. Curated “Township Techno” by homegrown and world-renowned rapper, DJ and producer, Spoek Mathombo, in collaboration with talented local musician Yolanda Fyrus, will give guests a glimpse of the cultural richness and diversity of the city as they also collaborate with a local DJ to produce their own music and even learn traditional dance moves.

“In Khayelitsha, house music is an expression of freedom that blends traditional styles with evolving methods of music production,” says Mathambo. “Though outsiders may see house music as largely European, Cape Town’s eclectic musical roots and youthful population have made it a hub of experimentation.”

In Paris, guests will be enjoy private burlesque classes and explore some of the city’s “love stores” with sex educator and writer Camille Emmanuelle. Tokyo’s experiences will also explore sensuality, as filmmaker Ian Daniel introduces guests to the city’s LGBTQ culture through manga comics and the Ni-chōme district nightlife. New York will see guests explore the city’s sub-culture of voguing with multi-disciplinary artist Kia LaBeija, whose work delves into issues of community, politics and fine art.

Image and video: Airbnb

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