A city-twinning agreement between NYC & Company and Cape Town Tourism went live in February 2018. The two destination marketing agencies have pooled resources to market each other’s world-class destinations, and Cape Town is set to receive more New Yorkers who will be taking advantage of special airfare offers and more.

This is the first time such a partnership has taken place on the African continent, and that’s exciting for us,” says CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Enver Duminy.When asked: ‘Why New York City?’, we reply that in years of discussions, we have noted that both cities have much in common, and we want to share that with our mutual communities.”

CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Enver Duminy

Cape Town Tourism is the official tourism marketing agency for the City of Cape Town and a leading industry association comprised of 1 400 businesses across the tourism value chain.

We’re all familiar with the sights and sounds of New York from the many movies and TV shows filmed there, and it’s easy to see the similarities: think of the boroughs in New York, and then look at Cape Town’s many different neighbourhoods and you get the picture. Think of Wall Street and our own CBD, or how Long Island and Coney Island compared with Sea Point. Greenwich Village could be compared to Gardens, Woodstock and Observatory, with crowds of young people coming up with fresh ways of expressing themselves.

New York is a global tourism icon that is also the biggest travel hub in the continental USA. Many visitors make it their arrival and departure point for the country, so it’s ideal that we’re placing Cape Town right in the middle of it.

Think of New York as the gateway to the USA and Cape Town as the gateway to Africa and you get a better picture of our vision: two cities that mark the history of their respective countries, both very similar in age. We’ve weathered bad times such as slavery and Apartheid, in our case, to become multi-cultural. Cape Town’s large Muslim community reflects part of our heritage that we treasure. Here, we have people from almost all African nations developing small communities that reflect their own cultural identity, in the same way that New York is home to people from all backgrounds.

New York has a thriving arts and culture scene, just as we do. We’re mirroring each other – Zeitz MOCAA, the most recent jewel in Cape Town’s crown, is our answer to New York’s MoMA. There’s Broadway and off-Broadway, and the Cape’s niche performance market has produced world-class stage productions, singers, dancers and actors.

A destination’s reputation as a metropolitan city can be measured in the cuisine that’s on offer. Simple fare like a New York hotdog or Cape Town gatsby is great for a meal on the go, but our world-class restaurants carry every kind of food you could imagine, complemented by fantastic wines. Each city is renowned for our restaurants and bars, so culinary tourism is alive and well.

You can get back to nature in the heart of each city; Central Park in NYC and the Company’s Garden and Green Point Urban Park in Cape Town offer green space to stroll and reflect. Beyond that, there are many parks in New York, although I must say, none to rival our magnificent Table Mountain National Park. But then, they do have the Statue of Liberty.

“We are proud to kick off the second phase of our city-to-city tourism partnership with Cape Town – our first partnership with a city in Africa – with the launch of dynamic advertisements across both destinations. There are more reasons than ever to visit New York City, and we look forward to welcoming even more Capetonians in the months and years to come,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company.

In Cape Town, tourism contributed almost R15 billion to the local economy as a result of the active work of almost 50 000 tourism employees (directly and indirectly) – according to the economic study conducted by Grant Thornton. New York, similarly, views tourism has a major employer within the city.

With that in mind, it’s important for us to nurture these kinds of international partnerships to ensure growth and sustainability within the tourism sector. Sustainability is of particular relevance to us now (although it’s always been one of our goals as tourism professionals) with our current water shortages. What we’re saying is that the impact made by international visitors on our water supplies is minimal, and is far outweighed by the contribution those visitors make to ensuring that our locals have jobs and can start new tourism ventures. As long as visitors are made aware of water shortages and they are mindfully taking steps to “save water like a local”, we’re more than happy to welcome them.

Besides travel for leisure purposes, this partnership opens up more opportunities for business travellers to develop strategic partnerships in both cities, we’d love New Yorkers to have a presence in our city.

Travel should open you up to new perspectives, getting you thinking creatively and refreshing your mind. We’re excited that this city-twinning agreement opens up new travel options to both Capetonians and New Yorkers.

“As the national carrier of South Africa, we are proud to partner with Cape Town Tourism in bringing more visitors to the Mother City. Cape Town, with its world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping, vibrant culture and breath-taking scenery, is a must visit for any New Yorker. South African Airways offer daily flights from New York to Cape Town and we look forward to welcoming New Yorkers on board to enjoy our world-class service and warm African hospitality,” added Todd Neuman, Head of North America for South African Airways.

Cape Town’s many attractions will appear on 62 bus shelters and over 1 000 outdoor LINK kiosks across New York’s five boroughs, introducing Americans to what’s on offer. New York will be marketed to Capetonians via Cape Town Tourism’s mobile Visitor Information Centre that travels to events and hotspots throughout the city, a city centre digital billboard, and in Tsogo Sun’s print and TVC media.

Besides the two tourism organisations, the campaign is being run in partnership with Tsogo Sun, South African Airways and SA Tourism, further boosting marketing capacity.

– Cape Town Tourism

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