The best countries around the world for expats

While most South Africans relocate to the United Kingdom or Australia, there are other alternatives that may not be so obvious. There’s a lot to consider when moving from all you’ve known, but these alternative countries may be the answer.

According to a report by Expat Insider, expats were surveyed and asked to rank 43 factors on a scale of one to seven that made up their living experience abroad. These included emotional and factual elements of life in the diaspora, from friendliness of the locals, to the expense of living in that particular country.

The 10 top expat destinations of 2016, in their particular order were; Taiwan, Malta, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Austria, Luxembourg and Czech Republic.

Top Expat Destinations 2016 — infographic

Countries that ranked the lowest on the scale where Kuwait, Greece, Nigeria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mozambique, Qatar, Italy and lastly Tanzania.

The East Asian island of Taiwan, which is ranked as the most attractive country to relocate to, has a strong economy, with Taipei having the highest per capita GDP in the country. Various industry sectors contribute to the country’s economy including finance, shipbuilding, textiles and apparel industries and electronics, offering a wide range of opportunities for expats.

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