Belly of the Beast: An eatery that turns the tables

Picture an eatery nestled in the heart of Cape Town that only serves dishes made up of seasonal, locally sourced produce and where the menu – which will offer no menu options or set number of courses – changes every day to the excitement of only 20 patrons. This is the vision of Neil Swart and his business partner, Anouchka Horn of the famed Arugula Bistro in Welgemoed. The pair are set to revitalise the Capetonian dining experience through Belly of the Beast.

With the location soon to be revealed, it will be a nose-to-tail eatery that will ensure that every part of the animal will be used in the preparation of dishes, making for unique and creative culinary combinations. From the breads to the main dishes and desserts, meals will be made from scratch in an on-display kitchen, creating an amphitheatre for guests to watch the chefs at work.

To ensure only the best quality dishes, space will be limited to 20 guests, creating a truly intimate and personal dining experience, with the co-owners also serving the wine and food.

“I believe that this is the future of dining. In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, people want to slow down and savour the intimate moments shared with friends and family. Going to a restaurant is not about filling your stomach, it is about making memories and relishing good company with exquisite food,” says Swart.

Not only are Swart and Horn determined to open this Cape Town first, they are also the first chefs in South Africa to crowdfund such a prolific project. The public is invited to pledge towards making this intimate eatery a realisation with superb rewards attached to each pledge, including an unplugged Fokofpolisiekar show at the Arugula Bistro in Welgemoed, cooking courses at Belly of the Beast and even “owning” a tile in the eatery. To make your pledge and see all the rewards on offer, visit ThundaFund.

In another first for South African restaurants, Belly of the Beast is offering an affiliate programme for food bloggers, guesthouse owners and concierges. The programme offers up to 10% commission on any traffic a unique URL drives to the Belly of the Beast website.

– Belly of the Beast

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