A ban has been placed on street food vendors in Bangkok

Having been voted as the world’s street food capital by CNN Traveler for two consecutive years in row, Bangkok has made a staggering about-turn on what may be the nation’s best travel attraction by banning street food vendors.

TIME has reported that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) aims to remove the vendors from Bangkok’s 50 districts to give way to the pedestrians in the Thailand capital and restore “order and hygiene”.

Some reports have stated that the affected areas will include the world famous Chinatown on Yaowarat Road in the Samphanthawong district with all vendors required to vacate the streets by the end of 2017.

The Telegraph has reported that there is an estimated 20 000 vendors who trade in Bangkok, authorities in the region stated that there were already existing spaces dedicated to the vendors to sell local street cuisine.

Travellers and locals have taken to social media to share their reactions on the ban;

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