Bailey Schneider shares her go-to packing tip

Having recently travelled to Greece on her honeymoon, Bailey Schneider was faced with the difficult task of packing beach hats, without bending or destroying them. But despite the worries, Bailey found the perfect way to pack a beach hat:

  1. The first thing you’re going to pack is your beach hat. Turn your hat upside down and place it in your empty Samsonite suitcase. I love these suitcases because not only do they have 4 sturdy wheels, which makes traveling a pleasure, but they also have a hard external shell, which means your items are protected and nothing can get squashed.
  2. Take soft t-shirts, strappy tops, bikinis and roll them up. Not only will you get more space by rolling your clothing, but you’ll avoid wrinkles too.
  3. Place the rolled items into the crown of the hat (the hollow where your head fits the hat) really pressing the rolled items into the shape. This not only saves space, but it keeps the shape of your hat.
  4. You can now pack your other items underneath the brim of the hat and all around the hat so that you cocoon it. The Samsonite bag as a compartment on the one side that zips closed, perhaps use that side as you can ensure all items are securely placed in the bag.
  5. You can now pack items on top of the hat, as it won’t squash from having clothes in and around it.

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