AFRICA YOUR TIME IS NOW: the rebirth of the Afri-can

Founder of clothing label Butter Pudding Papama Mtwisha has launched a campaign to challenge widely held preconceived notions of the continent, leading with the bold slogan “Africa your time is now!”

The campaign is about celebrating the African spirit, with influential individuals from various industries donning black-and-white T-shirts with the distinct slogan. These influencers include businesswoman and radio presenter Azania Mosaka, musician Khuli Chana, actress S’thandiwe Kgoroge, fashion designer Marianne Fassler, radio and TV presenter Anele Mdoda and activist Josina Machel.

The statement T-shirt makes the wearer a “breathing billboard sending a positive vibration. You convey a powerful message of inspiration that positively reaffirms and sends a bold reminder of the power that Africa and Africans possess,” according to Butter Pudding.

“The aim is to have as many people wearing the T-shirt so the message is always top of mind. The T-shirts are a proclamation of power, strength, beauty, identity and character.”

For every T-shirt you buy (go to, Butter Pudding will donate a portion of the profits to child-focused charity organisations.

Watch various personalities share what the statement slogan means to them:

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