Three adventure YouTubers famous for documenting and sharing their exotic and adrenaline-pumping travels around the world died in British Columbia, Canada, having been swept away in a waterfall on Tuesday, 3 July.

Alexey Lyakh and Ryker Gamble – half of the High On Life SundayFundayz YouTube collective – died while attempting to save Megan Scraper, Lyakh’s girlfriend, who accidentally slipped and fell into Shannon Falls, according to witness reports. Lyakh and Gamble followed her into the water in attempts to save her from being swept over, but all three of the Vancouver-based travel vloggers were carried away by the current.

Shannon Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia.

Together with Parker Heuser and Justis Price Brown, Lyakh and Gamble had vlogged about their trips to destinations such as India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy, the Vatican, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, to name a few on their Youtube channel of 500 116 subscribers. The collective would post weekly videos to inspire their viewers to “to get out and explore the world”.

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According to Vice, Lyakh and Gamble faced public backlash and were subsequently imprisioned for seven days and slapped with a ban on accessing public lands in the USA for five years, having faced misdemeanour charges for trespassing and filming in restricted areas in the Yellowstone National Park, which spans Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

“The two pleaded guilty to walking off a walkway and onto the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the USA. Visitors are not permitted to walk on the spring due to its fragile ecosystem,” reports BuzzFeed.

A video was posted on their channel today, with the caption: “There are truly no words that can be said to ease the pain and the devastation that we are all going through right now. They were three of the warmest, kindest, most driven and outgoing people you could ever meet, and the world has lost a great deal of light from the passing of our friends.”

Watch one of the High On Life videos, 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes (Lessons and Adventures), below:

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