Add an avo… or two or three to your everyday meals!

Did you know the good monounsaturated fats found in avos are an essential part of a healthy diet? These recipe ideas will make adding avos to your diet fun, easy and delicious!

Chicken curry with avo sambal

What is chicken curry without a sassy sambal on the side? Add diced avo and fresh, chopped coriander to your traditional chopped tomato, onion and toasted coconut for a touch of the exotic.

Marvellous meat-free Mondays: Baked spud with glamorous avo topping

Add a zesty mashed avo topping to your baked potato for a substantial dinner, no meat needed. Simply slit your spud open and add a generous dollop of low-fat cream cheese. Then mash your avo, add seasoning, a dash of lemon juice and a drizzle of avocado oil (or olive oil). Pop this on top of the cream cheese and top with micro herbs, sprouts and seeds.

Warm winter spinach salad with avo

Tired of heavy winter stews, but still want something warm and comforting? This dish is perfect for brunch or a Sunday night supper. Add chunky avo pieces to a spinach salad of baby leaves, quartered boiled eggs, sautéed asparagus, crispy bacon or pancetta and parmesan shavings. Finish it off with a delightful dressing of one teaspoon of Dijon mustard, two tablespoons of cider vinegar and four tablespoons of avocado oil (or olive oil). Add all the ingredients to a screw-top jar, shake and pour over.

Blokes’ Steak with Avo Guacamole and Biltong

Make your steak Michelin Star worthy with a fresh avo topping. Mash two or three avos with lime juice, finely chopped spring onions, a deseeded chopped tomato, one clove of chopped garlic and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce. Add a few dollops to your grilled steak and top with biltong shavings. Serve with onion rings and a little extra guacamole for dipping.

Chicken panini with avo ‘mayo’

Replace your mayonnaise with creamy avonnaise! Whizz one avo in a blender until smooth, drizzle about 50ml of avocado oil (or olive oil) through the feeder, followed by two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix into shredded cooked chicken, season with salt and pepper and spread generously on panini bread.

Pasta with avo, fillet, pine nuts and chilli

Toss strips of grilled fillet and slices of avo with warm pasta, garnish with toasted pine nuts and a touch of chilli. Serve warm with parmesan shavings for a quick mid-week dinner.

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