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Regular contributor to Sawubona magazine and internationally renowned business and sales guru Brian Parsley believes the journey of good leadership starts at home.

He says: “If you want to be a great leader in business, you must first become a great leader in your life. The secret to leading effectively lies in your ability to transfer your beliefs to others.”

In stark contrast, he maintains that ineffective leaders put forth great ideas, but then don’t follow their own advice and are so egotistical that they don’t hear others’ opinions.

First, Parsley says, “look at challenges and opportunities from different perspectives”. Your way of perceiving the world is not the only point of view that counts. He insists that making decisions for others means their way of looking at the situation has to be taken into account if your decisions are going to resonate with them.

“Second, focus on motivating and influencing others. If you have the willingness to listen to others and make choices based on serving their needs, you’ll begin to move the needle in a positive direction. When you combine willingness with the intent to connect with people and make decisions based on their overall impact on the organisation, people will respect you.”

The best advice Parsley has for managers who wish to be effective leaders is this: “Focus on seeing things from another perspective and include others in the choices that directly affect them. Then you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful leader.”

In his book, five essential points that will help achieve effective leadership include:

  • Focus on seeing things from another’s perspective and include others in the choices that directly affect them.
  • Avoid making short-sighted decisions just because it’s the easy thing to do.
  • Giving orders and managing through fear leads to malicious obedience.
  • Make your decisions from an inclusive approach before implementing them; taking a moment to understand where others are coming from can have a huge effect on how you’re viewed as a leader.
  • Your choices should serve the needs of others.

You can catch Brian Parsley live in action in September in South Africa. Salesguru, a company specialising in training sales people specifically for the South African market, is hosting a series of  live events across the country in September 2015 called ‘The Amazon Adventurer and the American Sales Superstar.’ Parsley is the American Sales Superstar, and Amazon Adventurer Davey du Plessis has a miraculous story to tell.

Event details:

2 September 2015: Johannesburg, Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia (09h00-12h20)

3 September: Durban: Barnyard Theatre, Umhlanga Gateway (08h15 -11h45)

4 September: Cape Town, Barnyard Theatre, Willow Bridge Centre (09h00-12h30)

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