5 unfamiliar rules of etiquette to observe in some popular destinations

Each country has its traditions, cultures and customary practices – experiencing these customs is generally why people travel. In some countries, however, there are practices that may be unusual to foreigners, but are mandatory or at least need to be acknowledged to avoid offending the locals.

Here are some of the more unfamiliar customs to observe in five popular travel destinations across the globe.


Indian people consider the right hand unclean, so make sure to share anything or eat with your left hand only. Using your right hand is largely considered offensive by conservative Indians.


In Singapore, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering a home, mosque or temple. This is a custom that’s observed by most Asian households around the world, and it’s no different in Singapore.


In Mexico, your attention can be summoned with a wink or a whistle without meaning offence. Rather, it’s a gesture of flattery or piropo, which is a compliment, and is used by both men and women.


When eating food such as ramen, slurping it loudly isn’t considered rude. Rather, it’s a way to express how much you’re enjoying your meal. It’s also useful to note that tipping anyone for their service, such as a waiter, is considered an insult.


When in Egypt, seasoning your food with salt is considered offensive to your host, so avoid even touching it.

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