5 perfect festive gifts for the ardent traveller

Have a travel-lover in your life? The perfect gift to give them this season would be one that would make their journeys that much easier, fun, or fulfilling. We’ve put together a list of five must-buy travel gifts that are both practical and, most of all, thoughtful.

A bag weight

Help them take the anxiety out of packing with a smart and easy-to-use digital bag weight. These nifty little bag scales will help determine their luggage weight prior to arriving at the airport. They’re also small enough to travel with should a little shopping take place during their trip.

Noise-cancelling headphones

When you can hear your fellow passengers snoring and, as a result, can’t get a little shut-eye yourself, a long-haul flight can feel even longer. With noise-cancelling headphones, your loved one can tune out the world around them and listen to their favourite travel soundtrack, or sounds of the soothing ocean to fall asleep too.

Packing organiser

Life’s that much easier when your luggage is organised. With a packing organiser, they can unpack what’s needed for each location without taking the unnecessary items out and worrying about making sure they’re able to easily close the suitcase again. These organisers can also minimise creases on their clothes to keep their holiday outfits ready for the world.

A foldable duffle bag

When they’re not sure if they’ll need another bag to carry all the shopping they’ll be bringing back home, a foldable duffle bag is the perfect bag to pack. It’s light and will take up minimal space, ready to be used for additional luggage. They’re also great for spreading weight between bags when travelling on multiple carriers with different hand and checked-in luggage restrictions.

Portable jewellery box

The accessory lover is bound to pick up some great jewellery pieces along their travels. A portable jewellery box will keep their new finds from tangling around each other, snapping or getting caught in clothing items in their luggage.

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