5 of the strangest things that get stolen

Old Cemetery. Image by iStock

Tombstones are on the list of weird and wonderful items stolen on a regular basis. Image courtesy of iStock.

We take extra precautions when it comes to items like jewellery, our cars, phones, money and so on, but there are other items that criminals are targeting that we might not necessarily immediately think of locking up and insuring.

While King Price offers great insurance for your goods, here are five valuable items with a difference that are targeted by criminals:

Hair: weaves and dreadlocks

Weaves can easily cost between R2 000 and R5 000, depending on the quality and amount of hair involved. This is within the same value range as jewellery and smartphones – which are extensively covered by King Price – so you might want to protect your hair just like you do these items!

The dreadlock trade has been gaining popularity in Africa with many growing their dreads to a decent length before cutting them off and selling them. Depending on the length of the locs, they can easily fetch up to R4 000. It’s uncertain if one can insure dreadlocks under a home contents plan, so next time you’re walking in a dark alley on your own, don’t only put your phone away, hide your dreadlocks too!


Believe it or not, for a few years now Johannesburg has been experiencing a very odd crime spree – the theft of tombstones. It even got to the point that in 2013 Johannesburg authorities were planning to fit them with microchip transmitters designed to trigger sirens if any movement was detected. A tombstone can cost anything from R10 000-R30 000, making them an important item to insure.

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Pieces of copper

Copper theft has been on the rise in SA – from the high-end professional theft of copper to the smallest of things. One might not immediately notice, but criminals also steal things like the taps around your property, your copper or metal house number and even the burglar bars framing your windows and doors.

Designer spectacles

A pair of designer spectacles or sunglasses could cost thousands, but at least these can be insured under your home contents plan with King Price Insurance.


Women usually put most of their make-up in one bag. A good lipstick can easily cost a couple of hundred rand and that’s just one item out of many they travel with daily. Essentially, one make-up bag could contain contents worth thousands of rands. It’s worth it to take just as much care with these items as you would with a smartphone and to consider insuring it if you can.

With super-cheap premiums that decrease monthly, King Price will help you protect your cars and household good, which are the most commonly targeted items, so don’t forget to take care of your other valuable property as well. Criminals see their worth – it’s time you did too.

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