5 family vacay essentials to travel with

When going on holiday with the family you might be tempted to pack the kitchen sink. But there are a few essentials to add to your arsenal of family travel necessities that will have you covered. Here are five to start with.

Medical kit

Being prepared as best as possible can help you deal with challenges as they come. Travelling with a portable safety kit that includes items such as bandages, antiseptic and an ear thermometer may come in handy, especially when in an area that may be remote, with little access to pharmacies.

Portable humidifier

A rapid change in climate when travelling can bring on sinus problems, especially for little ones. A portable humidifier can help alleviate the congestion it causes. The device adds moisture to a room in regions that are drier than what you’re used to.

Handheld electronic scale

Purchasing travel souvenirs and gifts for family and friends back home will add weight to your bag, so it’s important to keep track of your luggage to avoid issues at check-in. A bag scale is incredibly useful and easy to use to avoid any baggage weight surprises.

Universal power adaptor

A universal, multifunctional power adaptor is a must to enable you to plug in your devices wherever you are. This removes the hassle of searching for the right adapter in a foreign country. There are even some that double up as a USB charger.

Certified copies of your passports

It’s crucial to travel with additional copies of your passports and any other travel documents. It may also be wise to pack these spare copies separately from your originals should anything happen to them.


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