If you’re planning to escape South Africa’s pending chilly season for a sunny traverse in Europe, plan for it to coincide with one of its coveted festivals. What better way to do so than exploring each of the cities in which they’re held by foot with the On Foot Holidays which offers specialised self-guided walking holidays through Europe? Take a walk on the festive side with one of the below.

100 Miles of Istria – Croatia, April

100 Miles of Istria.

1000 supreme runners cover some of Croatia’s most spectacular scenery as they partake in the 100 Miles of Istria.  Each route crosses mountains, valleys and rivers with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.  There are also castles and plenty of beautiful medieval villages along the way in the 42km, 69km, 108km and 171km course to choose from. On Foot Holidays offers a 7-day walk through Istria.

Greek Orthodox Easter – April


The Greek Orthodox Easter weekend is where deep religious devotion is expressed by the Greeks. From the Holy Week, fasting, local traditions are observed leading up to Good Friday, where mourning processions take place through the streets by locals. On Saturday at midnight, the 40-day fast comes to an end with a much-anticipated celebration which ends on Sunday where family and friends enjoy food, wine, music, dancing and lamb roasting! All are welcomed! On Foot Holiday offers routes on the Cycladic Islands and through the Vikos Gorge.

Medieval Week of Saint George – Montblanc, Spain, April to May

Setmana Medieval de Montblanc, 2015

The Medieval Week of Saint George honours Saint George who allegedly fought a dragon in front of Montblanc. During the festival, Montblanc’s medieval streets and squares are festooned with the colours of four noble houses. Towers and walls are embellished with flags and around every corner are images of dragons and fire, medieval markets, performances of Saint George’s legend, medieval suppers, scenes of medieval life and enactments of Catalan courts. Visit Montblanc during these celebrations with an 8-day  walk from Catalonia to El Priorate.

Fiesta of San Juan – Mallorca, Spain, June

Bonfire at Fiesta of San Juan.

In celebration of the summer solstice and John the Baptist, Mallorca enjoys the Fiesta of San Juan. Old, bad spirits of winter are driven out with huge bonfires across the region. Known as Night of Fire, this festival is a spectacle of fireworks, live performances inspired by the elements and crowds of revellers. Many of the beaches across the island become focal points with music, BBQs and candle offerings to the sea. Enjoy the festival while on a 9-day walk holiday through Mallorca with On Foot Holidays.

Ravello Festival – Italy, July to August

Image courtesy Ravello Festival.

In July through to August, the world-famous Ravello Festival takes places in the streets of Italy. Theatre to culture-lovers take pleasure in the arts, enjoying large orchestra performances, chamber groups, jazz musicians, art shows, dance to photographic exhibitions and much more. See it all while on an 8-day walking holiday through Amalfi Coast.

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-Franki Black, On Foot Holidays

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