5 Essential Travel Documents You May Overlook

When going abroad, it’s important to ensure all your travel documents are kept safely and within reach. Other than your passport and visa documentation, here’s a handy checklist to make sure you don’t leave the essential pieces of paper behind.

Vaccine papers

Depending on your travel destination, you might need to be vaccinated against certain diseases. Make sure you have the proof of vaccination or vaccination card with you at the ports of entry where you’ll need clearance. Visit your health practitioner and the World Health Organisation website before you set off to confirm which vaccines you may need.

Full addresses

Countries such as Thailand, Spain and Morocco may require that you complete forms with the full addresses of the places you will or have stayed at during your holiday. This can be checked when entering and leaving the respective countries. A simple online search in some instances may be all you need to find the addresses in full. Also, it’s best to keep a written note of these addresses if you’re going to a country where you don’t speak the language.

Outbound ticket

Make sure you know where your outbound ticket is, as it’s usually required at customs at various airports. This is to prove that you have the means to leave the country. Include it with your other travel documents along with an electronic version for easy access.

International driver’s permit

You may easily overlook this piece of paper when travelling to a different country, but it’s important to ensure that you apply for the necessary international driver’s licence should you need to hire a car or drive abroad. You can apply for one at an AA centre, which facilitates the application of an international driving permit.

Travel insurance

This is vital in the event of a health-related incident, damage or loss of luggage. From flight delays to medical attention, having travel insurance will assure you peace of mind while on holiday. Travellers are usually covered by their bank if they purchase their flight tickets with their credit card, but if you aren’t, ask a travel agent or search online for comprehensive cover.

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